Hi, I’m Chris

A Software Engineer in Toronto.

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My Story

Allow me to introduce myself - a software engineer who recently settled in Toronto. I am specialized in developing backend system, especially Spring Boot in Java.

I'm currently on the lookout for a Java developer role in the city, eager to apply my skills and contribute to the local tech community.

I also run a sole-proprietorship software development company called Pugineer Studio. I offer top-quality development services. If you need software solutions, feel free to reach out!

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My Tech Stack

Backend Development

Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Webflux, Spring Security, Spring OAuth2, Spring Cloud, Flask


MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis

Cloud Computing

EC2, EKS, Lambda, Route 53, S3, VPC, Cloud Run, Compute Engine


Code Build, Code Deploy, Code Pipeline, Cloud Build
Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Gerrit, Git, SVN

Message Queue

Kafka, RabbitMQ

Frontend Development

React.js, Next.js, TailwindCSS


Payment System, E-commerce, GPT-4, Prompt Engineering, Milvus Vector Database, Python, Selenium
SWIFT Protocol, FIX Protocol, OMnet Protocol, Equity and derivatives trading implementation,

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My Projects

flipmen demo

I am the backend lead and the co-founder of Jomud. The product Jomud is a AI assisted platform, who aims to help talent create talior-made resumes and other documents when applying the job.

#Backend Development #Spring Boot #Spring Security #MariaDB #EKS #GPT-4 #Vector Database #Milvus
flipmen demo
Internal CMS + Payment System

I built a Internal CMS for a medical company, allowing the employee to have extra control on their core system. A payment system implemented by me is also integrated to the CMS for real money transaction.

#Backend Development #Frontend Development #Spring Boot #Spring Security #MariaDB #React.js #Tailwindcss #EC2
flipmen demo

Flipmen is a Unity game that mocks the flipping bottle game in the real world. It was published to the App Store and Google Play Store.

#Game Development #C#
trasy demo

Trasy is a second-hand item trading platform. Users will upload their own item to the platform. Through the in-app chatroom, they can have the deal and exchange in the real life.

#IOS Development #Swift #XCode #Firebase #GCP #System Design
eatMudHo demo

EatMudHo is a catering application for the people who is lost in finding their meal. It allows user find nearby restaurant or find resturant in a certain location.

#IOS Development #Swift #XCode

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